01 July 2007

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes

In the fifth of the New Glucose Revolution podcasts, Prof. Jennie Brand-Miller talks about diabetes, the risks associated with pre-diabetes and how the GI can help turn back the clock and prevent pre-diabetes turning into diabetes.


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Ufuk said...


My husband has type 2 diabetes has just started to discover the GI & GL lifestyle. We recently purchased the New Glucose Revolution book and learning more about GI everyday.

However, we have a little challenge that we can’t seem to find an answer for yet and I was hoping maybe you could help us with your knowledge.

For most healthy people, exercising has a positive impact on blood glucose levels and they experience a decrease in BG levels with routine exercise, however my husband has been experiencing the exact opposite effect and his BG levels actually increase with exercise.

After spending couple hours on internet, I found out why this is happening to him. Obviously due to insufficient amount of insulin in his blood stream, his muscles cannot take the blood sugar to utilize effectively and they keep asking for more BG but yet with the absence of enough insulin, despite of increased BG production, his muscles are not satisfied and he goes into a vicious cycle of keep producing BG thus resulting in really high BG level readings.

Our quest has been trying to find a way to counter act this phenomenon but I wasn’t able to find much information and (sad to say) but his own family physician doctor wasn’t much help either other than giving some really generic advise which didn’t help us at all.

By my further internet search, I came to find out that amino acids also need insulin and a lot of the pre- or during workout drinks contain lots of lots of amino acids that obviously makes his condition worse, since BG is now competing with amino acids to share the insulin which is already low in his system to begin with, hence further contributing to the increase of his BG levels.

Is there a GI or GL diet approach to this problem that can help his situation? I was wondering if you would have any advice for us??

I appreciate your time and any kind of assistance you can offer us.


Ufuk Sepin-Curtis