01 August 2008

The lowdown on low GI eating

Prof Jennie Brand-Miller talks to GI News with the release of the fourth edition of her book, The Low GI Handbook (previously published as The New Glucose Revolution). We asked her to describe what she feels is the key to a low GI diet.

Jennie Brand-Miller

‘I find that it’s the word “low” that seems to throw people. Eating the low GI way is not putting yourself on a low carb diet. If anything, it’s a “slow” carb diet. It’s about choosing the right carbs to fuel your body and power your life.

I like to use the analogy of a car – if you don't put gas in your car, it won't go. And, if you put the wrong gas in your car, it won't perform at its best and it may even break down. It’s the same with your body – carbohydrate is your fuel – it’s what makes you go because it gives you energy.

Listen to the podcast interview with Prof Jennie Brand-Miller recorded in June 2008.

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